gesto dell' ombrello → bras d'honneur

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gesto dell' ombrello → bras d'honneur

A bras d'honneur (French: "arm of honor") is an obscene gesture. To form the gesture, an arm is bent to make an L-shape, while the other hand then grips the inner side of the bent arm's elbow, and the bent forearm is then raised vertically in a gesturing motion. It has the same meaning as giving the finger (known as le doigt d'honneur), though this particular usage is often connotated as relating to the phrase "Up Yours". Occasionally, the middle finger of the bent arm is also raised to add emphasis.

International nomenclature
  • In Brazil, the sign is known as a "banana" and carries the same connotation as giving someone the finger.
  • In some South American countries it is called "corte de mangas" ("sleeve-cut") with the same meaning.
  • In Spain is also known as "corte de manga" and is usually accompanied by the finger.
  • In Mexico, the sign is known as a "mentada de madre" (Insult to someone's mother) and means an insult directed towards the mother of the offended, though it's done with a single hand.
  • In Italy it is often referred to as gesto dell'ombrello, meaning literally "umbrella gesture." Its most famous occurrence in Italian cinema is in Federico Fellini's I vitelloni (1953), where the idler played by Alberto Sordi jeers at a group of workmen, combining this gesture with a raspberry.'honneur
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