Translation blunder: director -> διευθύντρια (αντί για: σκηνοθέτις)

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Translation blunder: director -> διευθύντρια (αντί για: σκηνοθέτις)
Translation blunder: you'd like to direct -> θα σου άρεσε να διευθύνεις

The whole episode is about a murder taking place during a play.

Lines from the script:

Joan Dalloway, director...
The director could be lying...
Along with the director and the writer...
The only reason you get to be the director is because your daddy pays for the whole thing! Enough...
And one for the director, Miss Dalloway...

Perhaps I'll take after Joan and try my hand at drama.
You'd like to direct.
Why not? How hard could it be? Well, if it will make you happy, I encourage it.

— The Murdoch Mysteries, The Final Curtain, season 13, episode 8 (script)
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