switchable graphics technology -> τεχνολογία εναλλάξιμων γραφικών, τεχνολογία μεταγώγιμων γραφικών

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Πώς να το μαετφράσω αυτό λέτε?
Ορίστε και το υπόλοιπο κείμενο:

Switchable Graphics technology allows a user to dynamically select or hot swap the graphics card used.
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εναλλάξιμη τεχνολογία γραφικών;
τεχνολογία εναλλάξιμων γραφικών;

The latest trend in power management is delivered by AMD's energy-efficient technology, ATI™ Switchable Graphics. Imagine combining the low power advantages of an integrated graphics processor with the performance of a discrete graphics processor. With ATI Switchable Graphics now you can have the best of both worlds with maximum performance when you need it and long battery life when on-the-go.

This innovative feature is a mobile graphics switching process optimizing your system for either high-powered graphics processing or low power consumption. It is designed to dynamically switch the graphics operation between Intel® integrated graphics and
ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3400 series, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3600 series or ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4000 series2 discrete graphics (depending on the power source and user preferences) without rebooting the notebook. This allows the discrete card to be used for graphics intensive applications when under AC power (plugged in to power socket) and the integrated graphics to be used in battery mode, extending battery life when on-the-go and without compromising The Ultimate Visual Experience™.

Select ThinkPads feature switchable graphics, where a low power consumption integrated GPU and high performance dedicated GPU is combined and you have the ability to switch between them, sacrificing either performance or battery life.
In Windows XP this switching requires a logout/login, while in Vista and Windows 7 there is support for runtime switching.
Under Linux, the switching so far had to be done by entering BIOS setup and changing between "Internal" (low power, integrated), "External" (high performance, discrete) or "Switchable" (OS selectable) options.
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τεχνολογία εναλλάξιμων γραφικών/καρτών γραφικών

Τις κάρτες γραφικών χρησιμοποιεί εναλλάξ το σύστημα κι όχι την τεχνολογία.


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Στην TELETERM κατά κανόνα:

switch (ρήμα) -> μετάγω
switch (ουσ.) -> μεταγωγέας
switchable -> μεταγώγιμος
exchangeable -> ανταλλάξιμος
interchangeable -> εναλλάξιμος

Προτείνεται να προστεθεί:

switchable graphics technology -> τεχνολογία μεταγώγιμων γραφικών


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