coercivity -> απομαγνητότητα, απομαγνητίζουσα ισχύς, αναγκαστικότητα


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coercivity -> απομαγνητότητα, απομαγνητίζουσα ισχύς
ισχύς που απαιτείται για την αντιστροφή της μαγνητικής πολικότητας
mictomagnetism -> μικτομαγνητισμός
magnetic reluctance -> μαγνητική αντίσταση

(uncountable) The quality of being coercive
(physics, materials science) The intensity of the magnetic field which must be applied in order to reduce the magnetization of a ferromagnetic material to zero after the magnetization of the sample has been driven to saturation

Coercivity, also called the magnetic coercivity, coercive field or coercive force, is a measure of the ability of a ferromagnetic material to withstand an external magnetic field without becoming demagnetized. An analogous property in electrical engineering and materials science, electric coercivity, is the ability of a ferroelectric material to withstand an external electric field without becoming depolarized.
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