food fingerprinting -> ταυτοποίηση τροφίμων με ανάλυση ισοτόπων, ταυτοποίηση τροφίμων με φασματοσκοπία μάζας λόγου ισοτόπων;


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food fingerprinting -> ταυτοποίηση τροφίμων με ανάλυση ισοτόπων

Food fingerprinting – verify the origin and authenticity of your foods with isotope analysis.
Food fingerprinting is the process of identifying the unique isotopic fingerprint of an ingredient using isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS). This fingerprint comprises the ratios of up to five key elements – carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur – each of which is affected by the source material, the production process and the environmental conditions specific to the place of origin. It is therefore unique to each ingredient and can be used to determine where it was produced and what processing it has undergone.

food traceability -> ιχνηλασιμότητα των τροφίμων


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