racing wheel -> τιμονιέρα


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racing wheel -> τιμονιέρα

A racing wheel is a method of control for use in racing video games, racing simulators, and driving simulators. They are usually packaged with a large paddle styled as a steering wheel, along with a set of pedals for gas, brake, and sometimes clutch actuation, as well as various shifter controls. An analog wheel and pedal set such as this allows the user to accurately manipulate steering angle and pedal control that is required to properly manage a simulated car, as opposed to digital control such as a keyboard. The relatively large range of motion further allows the user to more accurately apply the controls. Racing wheels have been developed for use with arcade games, game consoles, personal computers, and also for professional driving simulators for race drivers.

cs: volant; de: Lenkrad; en: racing wheel; es: volante; et: mängurool; fi: rattiohjain; ja: ステアリングコントローラ; nl: racestuur; pl: kierownica; pt: volante; ru: компьютерный руль; sv: ratt; uk: комп'ютерне кермо
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