wet market -> αγορά ευπαθών τροφίμων, αγορά με επιτόπια σφαγή ζώων, υγρή αγορά, υγραγορά


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wet market -> αγορά ευπαθών τροφίμων, αγορά με επιτόπια σφαγή ζώων, υγρή αγορά, υγραγορά

Αν και το υγρή αγορά δεν μου αρέσει φαίνεται να έχει υιοθετηθεί σε διάφορες γλώσσες. Μια μονολεκτική δυνατότητα είναι και η υγραγορά, αν και δεν υπάρχει ιδιαίτερη διαφάνεια στον όρο.

A wet market (also called a public market) is a marketplace selling fresh meat, fish, produce, and other perishable goods as distinguished from "dry markets" that sell durable goods such as fabric and electronics. Not all wet markets sell live animals, but the term wet market is sometimes used to signify a live animal market in which vendors slaughter animals upon customer purchase. Wet markets are common in many parts of the world, notably in China and Southeast Asia, and include a wide variety of markets, such as farmers' markets, fish markets, and wildlife markets. They often play critical roles in urban food security due to factors of pricing, freshness of food, social interaction, and local cultures

The term "wet market" came into common use in Singapore in the early 1970s when the government used it to distinguish such traditional markets from the supermarkets that had become popular there. The term was added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in 2016, as a term used throughout Southeast Asia. The OED's earliest cited use of the term is from The Straits Times of Singapore in 1978.

The "wet" in "wet market" refers to the constantly wet floors due to the melting of ice used to keep food from spoiling, the washing of meat and seafood stalls and the spraying of fresh produce.

The term "public market" may be synonymous with "wet market", although it may sometimes refer exclusively to state-owned and community-owned wet markets. Wet markets may also be called "fresh food markets" and "good food markets" when referring to markets consisting of numerous competing vendors primarily selling fruits and vegetables. The term "wet market" is frequently used to signify a live animal market that sells directly to consumers, although the terms are not synonymous.

Although the term "wet market" may refer to markets that sell wild animals and wildlife products, it is not synonymous with the term "wildlife market" which exclusively refers to markets that contain wildlife products.

ar: سوق رطبة; bg: мокър пазар; ca: mercat mullat; cs: mokrý trh; de: Wet market; en: wet market; es: mercado mojado; fa: بازار تره‌بار; fr: marché humide; he: שוק רטוב; id: pasar basah; nl: wet market; pl: mokry targ; vi: chợ bán đồ tươi sống; zh_min_nan: chhài-chhī-á; zh_yue: 街市; zh: 傳統市場

Οι λεγόμενες «υγρές αγορές» (wet markets) είναι παραδοσιακές αγορές όπου πωλούνται ζωντανά ζώα (εκτρεφόμενα και άγρια) καθώς και φρέσκα φρούτα, λαχανικά και ψάρια, συχνά σε ανθυγιεινές συνθήκες. Βρίσκονται σε όλη την Αφρική και την Ασία, παρέχοντας τροφή για εκατοντάδες εκατομμύρια ανθρώπους.
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