Survey: Opposition parties and media coverage in the EU


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Survey: Opposition parties and media coverage in the EU

Media pluralism has always been a debatable and controversial issue globally. Especially in the EU, where we find different and competing media landscapes, there is an additional interest to explore this issue. When it comes to comparing figures and unveil statistics, it is always interesting to realise that the EU, despite being a "Union" itself, shows no elements that justify any sort of cohesion strategies and harmonisation policies, whether those might be referred to the political features of the Union, the fiscal policies or even some fundamental social policies. 

Such discrepancies also occur in the media landscape and the way political parties are represented and heard via traditional and established news media. In our survey we have focused on a very specific aspect of this topic. We explore how opposition parties' news and positions on current domestic affairs of each member-state are covered by major media. We have scaled the survey up to 100 new topics mentions overall, which is the amount of newsfeed provided spontaneously in a period of four months, i.e. between January 10 and April 10, 2020, using major news sources from each EU member-state.



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