passivation -> παθητικοποίηση, σταθεροποίηση


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passivation -> παθητικοποίηση

(chemistry, materials science) The process of making a material passive (non-reactive) in relation to another material prior to using the materials together.
(chemistry) The spontaneous formation of a hard non-reactive surface film (usually an oxide or nitride) that inhibits further corrosion.
(control theory) Conversion of a non-passive dynamical system into a passive one.

German: Passivierung; Danish: passivisering; Greek: παθητικοποίηση | σταθεροποίηση; English: passivation | stabilization | stabilisation; Spanish: pasivación | estabilización; Finnish: passivointi; French: passivation | protection par dépôt d'isolant; Italian: passivazione; Maltese: passivazzjoni; Dutch: passivering; Portuguese: passivação; Swedish: passivering
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