local bank wire -> τοπικό τραπεζικό έμβασμα, τραπεζικό έμβασμα χωρίς ενδιάμεση τράπεζα, τραπεζικό έμβασμα χωρίς μεσολαβήτρια τράπεζα, τραπεζικό έμβασμα χωρίς τράπεζα μεσολάβησης, τραπεζικό έμβασμα χωρίς μεσολαβούσα τράπεζα

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Payment Method: Local Bank Wire

Wire transfer, bank transfer or credit transfer, is a method of electronic funds transfer from one person or entity to another. A wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another bank account or through a transfer of cash at a cash office.

ar: حوالة مصرفية; be_x_old: грашовы перавод; ca: transferència bancària; cs: peněžní převod; eml: bunìfig; en: wire transfer; eo: ĝiro; es: transferencia bancaria; fa: انتقال وجه; fr: virement bancaire; it: bonifico; ja: 振込; kk: ақша аударымы; pl: polecenie przelewu; ru: денежный перевод; sk: bankový prevod; sr: девизна дознака; tr: virman; uk: грошовий переказ; zh: 匯款
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Εδώ, ωστόσο, το παρουσιάζει διαφορετικά

A bank wire is an electronic message system, which allows major banks to communicate various actions or occurrences regarding client accounts. The wire represents a secure computerized messaging system that sends account information, notifications, and transaction requests between banks.

While the bank wire does not affect actual transfer payments, such as a wire transfer, it will provide the financial institutions with knowledge of such events. For example, the purpose of a bank wire would be to notify a bank if a client has deposited funds into its account.

Bank Wire vs. Wire Transfer
In contrast with bank wire (although perhaps more well known) a wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds across a network, which a global group of hundreds of banks administers. In particular, wire transfers can help people in different geographic locations safely transfer money to one another. During a wire transfer, no physical money is exchanged between banks or financial institutions; instead, banks pass information among one other regarding who the recipient is, what her bank account number is, and how much money she is receiving.


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Δεν νομίζω ότι αυτή η διαφορά αφορά το συγκείμενό σου όπου πρόκειται απλά για μεταφορά χρημάτων μέσω τραπεζικού εμβάσματος.

Μάλλον εδώ έχουμε κάτι άλλο (φαίνεται το local που έλειπε από τον τίτλο αλλάζει τα δεδομένα):

How is it different from International Bank Wire?

Local bank wire option allows you to receive funds from STICPAY partner bank in your country to your bank account in your own currency.
By using local banking system in your country, it eliminates the intermediary bank costing 2-3 days as well as higher transfer fees incurred from international bank wire.
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