shit stick -> καθίκι, καθοίκι, αρχίδι, σκατάς, μαλάκας, κωλόπαιδο, τσουτσέκι, σκατόξυλο, ξυλάκι καθαρισμού μετά την αφόδευση


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shit stick -> σκατόξυλο, ξυλάκι καθαρισμού μετά την αφόδευση

Shit stick means "a thin stake or stick used instead of toilet paper" for anal hygiene and was a historical item of material culture introduced through Chinese Buddhism and Japanese Buddhism. A well-known example is gānshǐjué/kanshiketsu (lit. 乾屎橛 "dry shit stick") from the Chan/Zen gōng'àn/kōan in which a monk asked "What is buddha?" and Master Yunmen/Unmon answered "A dry shit stick"

the term "wrong end of the shit stick" was coined because if you were to take a dump at night, and needed to grab the "stick", you had a chance of grabbing the wrong end of it.
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