beer pump -> διανεμητής μπύρας, διανεμητής μπίρας


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beer pump -> διανεμητής μπύρας, διανεμητής μπίρας

A beer engine is a device for pumping beer from a cask, usually located in a pub's cellar.

The beer engine was invented by John Lofting, a Dutch inventor, merchant and manufacturer who moved from Amsterdam to London in about 1688 and patented a number of inventions including a fire hose and engine for extinguishing fires and a thimble knurling machine. The London Gazette of 17 March 1691 stated "the patentee hath also projected a very useful engine for starting of beers and other liquors which will deliver from 20 to 30 barrels an hour which are completely fixed with brass joints and screws at reasonable rates."


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