reaction rule -> κανόνας αντίδρασης

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Enter your Merchant ID, Project ID and Private key (Options are part of the reaction rule settings.)
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"κανόνας αντίδρασης"

1.Concerned with the invocation of actions in response to events. “It states the conditions under which actions must be taken; this includes triggering event conditions, preconditions, and post-conditions (effects)” (Taveter et al., 2001b). Learn more in: Graphical Notations for Rule Modeling
2.A rule that specifies behavior of an agent by determining a triggering event to which the agent must react, a condition that the agent must check in its internal knowledge base and one or more actions to be performed by the agent. Learn more in: Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

Reactor transforms starting compounds to products according to a given chemical reaction scheme. The reaction scheme defines the way how the reactants are converted to products, and additional rules can encode the related knowledge to produce synthetically more feasible molecules. Rules of the reaction scheme, such as selectivity, reactivity, and exclude, are defined in Chemical Terms language.,Reaction%20Rules,produce%20synthetically%20more%20feasible%20molecules.


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