барорецептор -> πιεσοϋποδοχέας, τασεοϋποδοχέας, υποδοχέας πίεσης


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baroreceptor -> πιεσοϋποδοχέας, τασεοϋποδοχέας, υποδοχέας πίεσης

Baroreceptors (or archaically, pressoreceptors) are sensors located in the carotid sinus (at the bifurcation of external and internal carotids) and in the aortic arch. They sense the blood pressure and relay the information to the brain, so that a proper blood pressure can be maintained.

ar: مستقبل الضغط; be: барарэцэптар; de: Barorezeptor; en: baroreceptor; es: barorreceptor; fr: barorécepteur; it: barocettore; ja: 圧受容器; kk: барорецептор; ml: ബാരോറിസപ്റ്റർ; pl: baroreceptor; pt: baroreceptor; ru: барорецептор; sr: baroreceptori; sv: baroreceptor; uz: baroretseptorlar


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