neoprimitivism -> νεοπρωτογονισμός, νεοπριμιτιβισμός


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neoprimitivism -> νεοπρωτογονισμός, νεοπριμιτιβισμός

Neo-primitivism was a Russian art movement which took its name from the 31-page pamphlet Neo-primitivizm, by Aleksandr Shevchenko (1913). In the pamphlet Shevchenko proposes a new style of modern painting which fuses elements of Cézanne, Cubism and Futurism with traditional Russian 'folk art' conventions and motifs, notably the russian icon and the lubok.

(fine arts) A Russian art movement fusing elements of Cézanne, cubism and futurism with traditional Russian folk art.
(cultural anthropology) The loss of cultural complexity due to environmental factors and forms of social interaction,and%20forms%20of%20social%20interaction.


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