break angle -> γωνία των χορδών ανάμεσα στις σφήνες και τον καβαλάρη


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For years I've heard the break angle (the angle the strings make between the bridge pins and saddle) needs to be above "X" degrees to properly drive the top. A low break angle will reduce the output and tone. If you have to sand the saddle down low you can ramp the bridge (cut angled slots between the bridge pin holes and the saddle) to increase the break angle. I've done this many times. It made sense and seemed like the thing to do.

So, I want to talk about a few tips related to string ‘break angle’ — the angle the string takes over the nut or saddle. However, I reckon that it might be useful to explain what I mean and to give a little background on this area first.


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