Cal State East Bay to Offer Afghan Language Courses

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Cal State East Bay to Offer Afghan Language Courses

For the first time, California State University-East Bay will offer courses in Pashto and Dari this fall. Both languages are widely spoken in the East Bay city of Fremont, which is home to the largest Afghan population in the U.S. The city was made famous through Khaled Husseini's award-winning novel and subsequent film The Kite Runner. Parts of the movie were filmed in Central Fremont in a neighborhood often called “Little Kabul.” Demand for Pashto and Dari speakers is high as a result of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. Pashto is considered a leading political and business language in Afghanistan and is spoken by 35 percent of its citizens. Dari is spoken by 50 percent of the Afghan population. Non-student members of the community are also welcome to enroll in the language courses.

From "Cal State East Bay Premiers Afghan Language Courses"
San Francisco Chronicle (CA) (08/09/10) Baba, Hana    

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - August 2010
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