soft authoritarianism -> ήπιος απολυταρχισμός


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illiberal democracy -> αντιφιλελεύθερη δημοκρατία
electoral authoritarianism -> εκλογικός απολυταρχισμός
competitive authoritarianism -> ανταγωνιστικός απολυταρχισμός
soft authoritarianism -> ήπιος απολυταρχισμός

An illiberal democracy is a governing system in which although elections take place, citizens are cut off from knowledge about the activities of those who exercise real power because of the lack of civil liberties; thus it is not an "open society". There are many countries "that are categorized as neither 'free' nor 'not free', but as 'probably free', falling somewhere between democratic and nondemocratic regimes".

ar: ديمقراطية لاليبرالية; ca: il·liberalisme; cs: neliberální demokracie; de: illiberale Demokratie; en: illiberal democracy; es: democracia iliberal; et: juhitud demokraatia; fa: دموکراسی غیرلیبرال; fi: puolidemokratia; fr: illibéralisme; hu: illiberális demokrácia; id: demokrasi iliberal; it: democrazia illiberale; ja: 非自由主義的民主主義; ko: 비자유 민주주의; no: hybridregime; pt: democracia iliberal; ro: democrație iliberală; ru: нелиберальная демократия; sk: neliberálna demokracia; sr: илиберална демократија; th: ประชาธิปไตยที่ไม่เสรี; tr: İlliberal demokrasi; vi: dân chủ phi tự do; zh: 不自由的民主

Some theorists argue that "illiberal democracy" is fundamentally undemocratic and therefore prefer terms such as electoral authoritarianism, competitive authoritarianism, or soft authoritarianism.


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