phytolith -> φυτόλιθος


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phytolith -> φυτόλιθος

Phytoliths (from Greek, "plant stone") are rigid, microscopic structures made of silica, found in some plant tissues and persisting after the decay of the plant. These plants take up silica from the soil, whereupon it is deposited within different intracellular and extracellular structures of the plant. Phytoliths come in varying shapes and sizes. Although some use "phytolith" to refer to all mineral secretions by plants, it more commonly refers to siliceous plant remains. In contrast, mineralized calcium secretions in cacti are composed of calcium oxalates.
Phytolith - Wikipedia

ca: fitòlit; en: phytolith; es: fitolito; et: fütoliit; fa: گیاسنگ; fr: phytolithe; he: פיטוליתים; it: fitoliti; ja: プラント・オパール; nl: fytoliet; pl: fitolity; sv: fytolit; zh: 植硅体


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