toilet learning -> εκμάθηση χρήσης τουαλέτας


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toilet learning -> εκμάθηση χρήσης τουαλέτας
toilet training -> εκπαίδευση παιδιού για χρήση τουαλέτας, εκπαίδευση για χρήση τουαλέτας

Toilet training (also potty training or toilet learning) is the process of training someone, particularly a young child or infant, to use the toilet for urination and defecation. Attitudes toward training in recent history have fluctuated substantially, and may vary across cultures and according to demographics. Many of the contemporary approaches to toilet training favor a behaviouralism- and cognitive psychology-based approach.
Toilet training - Wikipedia

ar: تدريب على استخدام المرحاض; de: Sauberkeitserziehung; en: toilet training; es: control de esfínteres infantil; fa: آموزش توالت رفتن; fi: pottaharjoittelu; fr: entraînement à la propreté; he: גמילה מחיתולים; it: toilet training; ja: トイレットトレーニング; ko: 배변훈련; nl: zindelijkheid; ru: приучение к туалету; sv: toaletträning; tr: tuvalet eğitimi; zh: 如厕训练


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