snap-in appliance -> συμπληρωματική συσκευή / εφαρμογή

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To meet this challenge, the XXX NetWeaver platform offers a new function, the BI Accelerator. This “snap-in” appliance was developed in conjunction with Intel. It enables businesses to supercharge analytic services and applications by combining high-performance software from XXX NetWeaver with an advanced hardware design from YYY that boosts analytics performance.

Βρήκα και αυτό:,290660,sid1_gci537190,00.html

Να το πω πλήρως ενοποιήσιμη εφαρμογή;

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Που έρχεται και «κουμπώνει», δηλαδή. Να παραθέσω και μέρος της εξήγησης που υπάρχει εδώ:

Snap-in, in general, refers to an object that can be attached to another object and that will then function as part of the whole. Hardware snap-ins usually fit this description. In reference to software applications, a snap-in is a program designed to function as a modular component of another application.


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