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I have successfully downloaded and unzipped the Avant.Zip Greek fonts file from this site and can type Greek text in my word processors and e-mail [although the Greek text becomes garbled as it is transmitted through e-mail!] Also, I am unable to type Greek text in my internet browser, even after following the download instructions. 

My operating system is US/English Microsoft XP Professional, and I use WINDOWS Internet Explorer connecting to this site. 

I am Greek-American, retired, and so now I finally have time to learn my ancestral language, in anticipation of traveling to Greece in search of relatives.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions you may have regarding my inability to enter Greek in my browser, and also the e-mail garbling of Greek upon sending.

Thank you,


PS: What is the Avant keystroke for the Greek accent mark?


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I have found the pages starting here most useful for people with non-Greek systems. Try your luck there to begin with and let us then face specific problems.

The accent on "Greek" keyboards is next to the L, but the system should be configured to use the Greek keyboard first (normally accessed by switching between English and Greek with Alt-Shift, which I always change to Control-Shift).


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