Translation blunder: fag joint → τσιγαράδικο


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Translation blunder: fag joint → τσιγαράδικο

Ο ήρωας τρώει απόρριψη από γυναίκα του πεζοδρομίου. Εκείνη τον παραπέμπει αλλού.

Baby doll, I've had me  hell of a bad day
I've been beat up every time I turn around
But then day when I get turned down by a hooker
When I got good hard earned cash to pay with
Well? There's only so much a man can take
Go try the Alamo over on Dillan Street. That's the Alamo, not the Amigo
The Amigo's a fag joint
— Αμαρτωλή Πόλη (Sin City), OPEN, 1/10/2021

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) Movie Script  | Subs like Script
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