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optimum est aliena frui insania -> the best thing is to profit from someone else's madness
oportet mendacem esse memorem -> a liar must have a good memory
omnis homo mendax -> every man is a liar
omnis arbor quae non facit fructum bonum excidetur -> every tree which does not make good fruit will be cut down
omnia tempus habent -> all things have their time
omnes sibi melius malunt quam alteri -> everyone wants better for himself than for another
omne regnum contra se divisum desolabitur -> every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste
offeras primum pacem -> first you should offer peace
oculus domini in agro fertilissimus est -> the eye of the master is the best fertilizer for the field
occidit miseros crambe repetita magistros -> leftover cabbage has often been the death of poor schoolteachers
numquid aliquis panem petenti lapidem porriget? -> surely no one reaches out a stone to someone seeking bread?
numquam caelesti Domino placuere scelesti -> our Heavenly Lord has never liked evil-doers
num et Saul inter prophetas? -> surely that is not Saul among the prophets?
nullus praeteritas revocabit temporis horas -> no one will be able to bring back hours of time that have passed by
housefellow -> υπεύθυνος φοιτητικής εστίας
πήρε των ομματιών του -> he made like a tree and left, he made like an atom and split, he turned tail, he fled, he went away, he ran away, he buggered off, he hit the road, he took a hike, he shoved off, he got out of here, he packed his things and left, he packed up and left
πήρε των ομματιών της -> she made like a tree and left, she made like an atom and split, she turned tail, she fled, she went away, she ran away, she buggered off, she hit the road, she took a hike, she shoved off, she got out of here, she packed her things and left, she packed up and left
έχω μεσιακό -> own jointly
φαρμακοβιομήχανος -> owner of a pharmaceutical plant, pharmaceutical manufacturer, medicine manufacturer
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