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Greek translation Greek dictionaries No Sex Please, We're Brutish!  
  [ The exploits of a Greek student in Britain]   by Spiros Doikas ©
  C o n t e n t s
1. Acknowledgements
2. No Emotions Please!
3. De-Emotionalisation Institutes
4. The One-Night-Stand Phenomenon
5. I'd Rather Have a British Man Any Day
6. No Sex Please, We're Brutish
7. The Great British Invention
8. Non Sequitur - By Any Chance?
9. Fog in the Channel - Continent Cut Off
10. Thank you. Thanks. Cheers. Ta
11. Pardon my French
12. Living is Easy With Eyes Closed
13. The Metaphysics of Real Ale Consumption
14. The Darlings of the System
15. Overdraught
16. In The Groves of Academe I
17. In The Groves of Academe II
18. A Welcoming Kipper, or: The Art of Sodomy
19. A Friend is a Quid
20. Suffering is Good for the Soul
21. Concord of Sweet Sounds?
22. An Englishman's Home...
23. Watching the Box Tonight
24. Jai Guru Deva Om
25. House of Darkness
26. Strange Customs
27. In Penny Lane There is a Barber...
28. Down the Wooden Hills to Petfordshire
29. The Art of Amusing Oneself Sadly
30. A Gicantic Figure of an Aborted Embryo
31. They've been Going In and Out of Style
32. I'm Gonna Kick Your Head In - An Innate Thugishness?
33. Happy New Year but Fuck Off Now Please
34. We're Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
35. English Malady or cognitive Dissonance?
36. Happiness is a Cigar Named Hamlet
37. Affection as a synomym for Affectation
38. Beautiful Boy
39. Touch-me-not!
40. Displays of Lechery or the Arcane Art of Flirting
41. Look on the Bright Side of... Death
42. Goodbye to all That
43. Epitaph
44. Epilogue
45. Bibliography

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