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New enriched - improved version.
With the new software
1,600,000 words.
387,000 headwords.
22,000 word computer dictionary included for free!
Search Onelook, Google etc through its interface
Mass translation of words or free text (word for word).
Headword search and free text search.
Phonetic transcription.
Sound option.
Part of speech labels.
Different definitions according to subject-field.
Many examples of word usage.
Examples translated into Greek.
Definitions separated by different colours.
Creation and management of different word groups.
Printing of one or more entries.
Addition of new, user-defined entries.
All functions can be adjusted, thus one has full control over how the program behaves and appears on screen.


The main window of the Dictionary Explorer.

Mass translation of words or free text, (word for word translation).

The window for the addition of user-defined entries.

The window for printing entries.

The window for the management of different word groups.

The settings window.


Linux version also available!
The GOLDEN VERSION 2010, Magenta's new bi-directional English-Greek Dictionary, reflects the experience of at least six years, not only in its lexicographic aspects but also in its interface.

In co-operation with Panagiotis Tsambounaras a distinguished lexicographer, we recast the commercially successful "Periektiko Aggloelliniko Lexico" (Comprehensive English-Greek Dictionary) in electronic form.
The new software has many new features which you will find very useful. In fact, so useful, that you will never want to use your old dictionary again!

Its headwords are more than 365,000, it counts more than 1,200,000 words and it occupies about 100 MB of space in your hard disk. If you are already impressed with these figures then wait until you see its quality - it's in a league of its own!

Every headword is phonetically transcribed and there is a sound option.
The definition varies according to part of speech (verb, noun, adjective) and subject-field (a science or profession).

Different definitions are hierarchically presented with examples which are translated into Greek.

Different colours are used to specify different types of information making its use easier and faster to use - the user does not wade through endless lines of irrelevant information.

It comes with "Dictionaries Explorer", MAGENTA's new interface which sets new standards in its category.

This is another unique feature of the Dictionaries Explorer software. Its function is twofold:

a) Mass translation of words. You can type or paste as many words as you like and the Dictionaries Explorer will translate them all simultaneously and present them to you in table or text format. Hence, you will have a full picture of all the words and concepts you want to look up. By inference, you can choose the definition that is more appropriate to the text you are trying to translate.

b) Free text translation (word for word translation). You can type or paste a whole chunk of text and the Dictionaries Explorer will translate it word for word. Thus, you will be able to get a general idea about the meaning of the text.

You can search words in two ways: as headwords or with a free text search.

Headword search: The Dictionaries Explorer will search in the headword database and if there is a match it will provide its definitions. This is the simplest search function and it can be performed by any dictionary.

Free text search: this option is a unique feature. You can search a word either as a headword or as part of a headword. Hence, you can make full use of the dictionary database and even find morphological variants or derivatives with a single search.

39 Euros for Paypal & payments (delivery by download)

PAYMENT  (Windows: 7 (32 & 64 bit) ■ Vista ■ XP)

For example if you try a headword search for the word "work" the search engine will display 135 hits, whereas in free text search (Ctrl+Enter) it will display 924 hits!

This function uses an "intelligent" algorithm which finds the similarities amongst words. It is our own patent.

You can create and manage your own word groups.

You can create a word group, add to it as many words as you like for easy and quick reference, and you can print them as well. For example, you might be reading a book or working on your English lesson, either as a student or as a teacher: you can create a word group with these words so that you can check whether you have learned them, or you can print them and attach them to your project or use them as a vocabulary exercise for your students.

Furthermore, you can forward them to other users of the dictionary so that they can add them to their own word groups.

You can print a specific headword or a group of headwords. The printout will come out in three columns, just like conventional dictionaries with the font type and size of your choice. This feature, combined with the word groups, enables you to make the best out of your dictionary - no matter how far you are from your PC.

You can hear all the English words or phrases, headwords, examples of usage, idioms, even texts derived from other applications like Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer. For example, you might be connected to the internet and you' ve accessed a page written in the English language. Instead of reading it you can use the Dictionaries Explorer to read it aloud to you. The same applies to e-mail messages.
This feature is available through the use of speech synthesis technology - a breakthrough in human-machine interaction.

You can use any speech synthesis application (Microsoft's, IBM's, etc.). The standard package includes Ìicrosoft's speech engine which is offered free of charge along with 17 different voices, so that you can select the one you like best.

You can also add your own words, thus enriching the original database or add new definitions to already existing headwords.

The Dictionaries Explorer is not a rigid interface. You can modify the way it behaves and the way it appears. For each object that appears in the window you can modify its appearance, colour, background and size.
If you don't like the default colours you can easily apply the ones you like. If the font is not to your liking or its size is too small you can increase it, etc.