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RAM magazine - November 2000

Magenta has released a new version of tis remarkable dictionary.

Electronic dictionaries are some of the most popoular applications as they cater for the needs of different users and in different contexts. Magenta's new version has been produced exlusively by Greeks, and it has very little to envy from foreign productions.

The working environment is compact and ergonomically designed, so that the user can have access at any time at the various features (searching, grouping, printing, etc.) offered by the program. Its contents are impressive as it features 1,200,000 words and about 350,000 headwords (idioms, phrases and words). The search engine is extremely fast and accurate, while it has to be noted that a word can be searched and found in two different ways: either as a headword or as part of a headword.

One of its salient features is the sound option (only for the english words and sentences) so that the user can practice their correct pronunciation. There is one small objection to be made on some of the voices, as we consider them rather unnecessary. Another feature which we would consider one of the program's highlights is the ability to create and manage word groups. This feature permits the grouping of words according to the subject one is dealing with and they are easy to manage. Moreover, a word or a group of words can be easily printed.

The definitions of the headwords are accurate and detailed, whilst their breadth will satisfy even the most demanding users of such packages.

Nikos Dimou
Alt-Ctrl-Del - From the point of view of the simple user
RAM magazine - November 2000

MAGENTA has released an ambitious dictionary, the GOLDEN English-Greek Greek-English dictionary. It is a multimedia dictionary (despite the fact that this word is missing from it) which has a sound option, that is to say one can hear the words pronounced, not by one but by many different voices. Of all the electronic dictionaries that I have tried, this one is undoubtedly the most comprehensive (365,000 headwords). It does not cite only the definition of a word, but also its various uses, with examples. Its contents (definition, example, translation of the example) are marked with different colours, thus making it more user-friendly. It occupies a large amount of space in the hard disk (about 95MB) and for that reason may want to run it from the CD-ROM. Perhaps a more "compact" version should be released in the future for those who use portables or have not enough free space in their hard disks.

The application is protected by a code which can be found in a separate floppy disk, making the installation even more complex (NB. the code can be moved back to the floppy for further installations). The old readers already know that I don't believe in codes, and it appears that this also applies to the successful foreign software companies. They make the users' lives difficult and have doubtful results.

CHIP magazine, issue 21 / 2000
...THE GOLDEN VERSION of the English-Greek Greek-English dictionary is very good. It features more than 1,200,000 words and 365,000 headwords, which assist the user in finding the correct equivalent. Each headword is defined according to its use, with examples and idioms.
Moreover, there is a sound option for the English language, which can be applied to single words, some phrases, or even text derived from the internet or some other Windows application. Admittedly, the pronunciation is not comparable with the English pronunciation, as it is nothing but recorded messages and is produced with the help of speech synthesis technology... It is very user-friendly, having a very good search engine, which can search a word either as a single word or in combination with others (idioms, phrases, etc.).
We should note that the user can create word groups, with his/her frequently used words or the ones that are relevant to a specific job. Moreover, one can print words or word groups in dictionary format. Furthermore, the user can add his / her own words, either directly to the dictionary or to the word groups.

Alekos Psimikakis

I have been using the GOLDEN VERSION English-Greek dictionary for translations and I consider it very good. Indeed, I hardly ever use my old single volume dictionary. The time that can be saved with your electronic dictionary is considerable. Another positive feature is that one does not need to have the CD-ROM in the drive during its use, or at startup. (A very clever way of installation and protection of the software, in contrast with the other Greek companies which make the users' lives difficult by the methods they've adopted in order to protect their electronic dictionaries).
I hope you continue like this in the future!
Yours sincerely
Alekos Psimikakis
Yiorgos Kotis
The program is indeed FABULOUS! More of this!
Friendly regards.

Peter Vasos
I have been working with it for few days now, it is very helpful and all the explanations are very good, especially with the given examples.

George A. Kounis, Laser Physicist

I I've only just received the dictionary and I have to admit that I was impressed... a great job indeed. Congratulations... as far as the program is concerned, on the one hand because I bought and on the other because I believe that whoever produced it should be paid and protected, I agree 1000% with the policy of having a security floppy.

D. F. Vlahodimos
For a long time now I wanted to write to you regarding your English-Greek dictionary: it helped me a great deal because I was able to translate faster (in comparison with printed dictionaries) but unfortunately it was not to my satisfactioon as the definitions of the words were given haphazardly (and as a result of that I often had to have recourse to the printed dictionary).
I realised today, much to my satisfaction, that you have upgraded it, but I cannot understand how it has been done. If it has the same format as the relevant window of in.gr (which you have borrowed yourself), then well done!

Peter Nyquist
Congratulations with your new XPYSH EKDOSH / chrysi ekdosi.. I am looking forward to the English translation at your website. When can I expect it? Yours sincerely Peter Nyquist (Petros Vlastari).

Alekos Psimikakis

Thank you very much for the "fix" you've send me.
It is a move which I deeply appreciated, as it is rare amongst software companies. (I've never received a fix, files etc. from any other company - usually they just ignore you or they try to convince you that the problem is "personal" to the user!). It becomes even more important if we take into account that it was only a minor problem (Indeed, it's been a long time since I last had an error message when I close the program. Whereas, when it comes to Microsoft programs -Word, Internet Explorer, etc.- this odious message appears frequently, that is if the program does not crash beforehand!
But has ever Microsoft or the other big companies shown concern for the problems of the users?
By the way, I would like to offer some comments regarding your dictionary: I've been using it now for two months and I can say with certainty that it is one of the most useful and necessary tools that I have and use. (And I assure you that I use many programs)
Thank you, once again.
Yours sincerely,
Alekos Psimikakis

Antonis Tsoukas

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your new dictionary, which is not simply a very good dictionary, but a "golden" tool for one's work, as well as a perfect way to learn English. Indeed, I marvel at how you managed to reach such a level of perfection and I shall be expecting a similar upgrade for your old encyclopaedic dictionary.
I also congtratulate you for finding the problem that afflicted certain PCs, this difficult problem that you found without being able to test the PCs for yourself. I would like to know what it was as I have the suspicion that the same problem appears with my PCTV, do you reckon it is the same one?
Friendly regards,
Antonis Tsoukas