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Greek translation Greek dictionariesEleni Vainas - Poet, Writer, Designer

Eleni Vainas
Web: http://www.elenivainas.com

After a design career in home-base Seattle as well as Boston and New York- where clients included Estée Lauder, Philip Morris, K3 (Amtrak) and Good Morning America - I now live in Athens, Greece.


Published in BuzzWords /England, February/March 2001
2nd prize winner, Bard of the Forest Poetry Performance Competition, Lymington, New Forest, England, October 2000
1997 to present: Coordinate and produce the monthly English language poetry series at Compendium Books, Athens

Poetry Coordinator, Compendium Books 1997 to Present. Select featured readers for monthly readings, write all advertising copy and secure newspaper coverage as well as perform my own poetry on occasion. (Poets and Writers, November 2001)

Read some of her poems:

Translatum Poem of the Week
(November 20-27, 2001)
The Smoking Jacket
The Album Quilt
Violetta's Mother (In Buzzwords magazine)


Kathimerini (English edition) One Man's Fur Coat... Full-page
feature article, October 1, 1999.

Hellenic Times, 30 feature articles, January through December, 1998. Includes stories on life in Greece, profiles, literary features including essays on Poetry and translation. Fourteen weekly "Community Pages" of local and European Community issues such as Privacy, Family Issues, charities and foundations.

Octopus Fishing in Ancient Epidavros 16-22/1
My Summer with Babis Part I 6-12/2
My Summer with Babis Part II 13-19/2
Greek Food and the God of Hospitality 27-5/3
Philoxenia Transplanted: Nana Loiselle in New York 27/3-3/4
Tolo, Athens Playground
April-No Longer the Cruelest Month for Poetry 10-16/4
Faces from The Markets at Argos & Napflion 10-16/4
The Moving Finger Writes, But... 1-7/5
Mandra: Village Life Today 15-21/5
Kirsti Simonsuuri: Poet, Scholar, Writer 19-25/6/98
The Gang at Lefty’s: A Village within a Village in Athens 3-9/7
Translation of the Century... 24-30/7
Plotting a Course for Adventure: How- And Why- to take a Yachting Holiday 7-13/8
Warm Hearts and Skillful Women 7-13/8
Modern Issues: The Right to Privacy/ Community 14-20/8
Paradise is Where You Find It: The Birthing of a Book 14-20/8
The Future of the Family (The Child is Man’s.../ Community 21-27/8
International Orthodox Christian Charities/ Community 28/8-4/9
Importing an Automobile into Greece/ Community 4-10/9
Protecting Privacy/ Community 11-17/9
Protecting Privacy II:
The Cultural Side of the Conference/ Community 18-24/9
Reach Out and Touch Someone/ Community 25-1/10
The Bills You Pay/Community 9-15/10
Books, Books and More Books/ Community 16-22/10
Care Hellas- Helping Children Build Futures for Themselves/Community 23-29/10
Cookies in Candyland/ Community 30- 5/11
Xenophobia/ Community 12-18/11

The Athens News, Short Story, published Summer 1998.


Kathimerini, Freelance Copy Editor, vacation, etc. fill-in. Dec. 1998.
Hellenic Star, Freelance Copy Editor, Feb. March, April 1999.
Private clients. To Present. Edit, with some re-writing, short stories and novels. Samples available.

*1993-1997 Seattle, Washington

Poet Regularly featured poet at Seattle poetry venues: readings at: The O.K. Hotel, Barnes and Noble books, Mercer Island Arts Council, The Globe Cafe, Kismet Cafe, Writers Reading Time series, etc ...

Writer 1st Prize winner, Fiction Award, Excerpt from novel-in-progress, Seattle Writer's Association, 1977

Macintosh Computer Design and Desktop Publishing Includes clients Marine Guard, SuperWater (Business Manuals), Dancing Cat Productions, among others

*1985-1993 New York, NY


Macintosh Computer Design and Desktop Publishing 1992-1993: Shearman and Sterling (International Law Offices) (Desk-Top Publishing); Time Warner: Time, Money, and Entertainment Weekly magazines (word processing)
1990-1993: Jordan Education Media (Twentieth-Century Fox's educational posters and teaching aids for FernGully, the movie); Giorgio's hair salons; ZWET-RUITEN floral importers; St. Bartholomew's Church


Design, paste-up and mechanicals for brochures, newsletters, books, yearly reports, newspapers

Smith Personnel (Freelance Art Agency) 1987-1989: Among Others: Alaine Type; Bergdorf Goodman; DC 37 News; Field Art Studios; Great Scott Advertising; K III Publications (International Thompson Transport Press/AMTRAK); International Nickel Company (INCO); Marris Graphics; McGraw Hill Publishing; The New York Observer; On-Line Software; Scott Printing; Upper East Side Resident (News); Warner, Bicking, Fenwick Advertising

Cableview Publications Art Director (3-10 days /month). 1986-1988: Dallas/Houston Cable TV Guide, High Net Satellite TV Guide. Paste-up, mechanicals, layout; supervised art production (up to ten artists)


Includes airbrush, sculpture, model building and screen printing (color mixing and matching, color separations and screen making)

CD-ROM Designer-Writer CD-Rom Completed December 1, 1999 for the SealCoat Corporation The Thessalonki Sewage Treatment Plant and SealCoat Environmentally Friendly Marine Antifouling Products. Written in Greek and English. Combines photographic stills and video footage, company logos, newspaper and magazine articles, etc. to tell the story of the SealCoat Corporation's environmentally friendly products and how they are being used on a public design project in Thessaloniki. I designed and oversaw the project, its direction and overall "look;" selected graphics and photographs; researched, developed and wrote story lines, including scientific and technical; did photography for one section; supervised 2 translators (from English to Greek) and one computer operator.

ABC-TV Good Morning America Graphics Department, 1987-
1989. Selected and procured photos for use on show, worked with writers, producers, and Paintbox artists

Estée Lauder 1986-1988. Designed and printed T-shirts, invitations, menus, signs, banners. Sculpture design and manufacture: 1) Eyezone Repair Gel: product enlargement currently on display in seven world markets. 2) Soft sculpture Fiber Optic "flowers'': table decor on display in Kenya after eight-country tour.

Philip Morris Banners for traveling anti-discrimination display

Titan Foods Hand cut, airbrushed signage in Greek and English

A.I. Friedman Art Supplies. Designed 9-color T-shirt. Designed and installed window display.

Boston Massachusetts 1982-1985
Freelance artwork, custom design and screen printing Designed and built 2-color, 3 platen t-shirt printer; fabric printing tables for yardage and smaller pieces; light table for on-going freelance business, employing up to 8 people part time and one full time. Designed artwork, printed and manufactured custom screen-printed textiles, t-shirts, tote bags, fabric lengths, license plates, aprons, painters' caps curtains, business cards, brochures and posters

R. Bullowa, Screen Printer / Color Tree Boston, Boston Massachusetts, 1981-1983
Master Dyer/ Plant Manager Supervised all operations of the Boston-based studio/ manufacturing facility. Responsible for creating new color lines and color formulas and supervising dye baths for all-cotton fashion accessories and clothing; designed T-shirt art, liased with /color Tree's retail locations. Aggressively sought wholesale clientele; recruited and hired employees

Seattle Washington 1976-1981
Freelance artwork, custom design and screen printing Designed and screen-printed fabric lengths, wallpapers, totes, t-shirts and posters. Built fabric printing tables for yardage. Hired two part time employees and one full time with as many as ten additional employees on a per-job basis

Quilt Exhibits, Seattle Washington, 1975-1978
Originator and Producer
. Exhibited personal collection of antique quilts in Washington State and Arkansas with Bicentennial recognition. Researched, bought, sold quilts. Designed, produced and sold (including wholesale) exhibition-related posters and cards; developed all advertising and public relations, securing coverage in all major newspapers, radio and television stations in the areas of exhibits. Reviewed in Artweek. Coordinated all aspects of exhibits, including liaison with sponsoring groups, printers, framers, show personnel; designed and hung small exhibition spaces (large exhibits designed and hung by Thom Adkins)

City of Seattle and United Way of Seattle, King County 1972-1975
Negotiated budgets with Federal and State agencies to procure moneys, developed and monitored nutritional program for the elderly, worked with Mayor's office and City Council for approval.


Includes Grant Proposals, Business Proposals, novels, articles, business correspondence, brochures, copy writing
Publications: The Vinegar Book, Brown Bag Books, Seattle, Washington, 1981


Jackson College for Women (Tufts University) B.A.
Boston Museum School of Fine Arts - Various art classes toward degree
Factory of Visual Arts, Seattle, Washington - Screen printing and print production
Seminars - Management by Objective, Time Management, Sales

Eleni Vainas in Seattle in 1976.
Eleni Vainas in Seattle in 1976.
Quilt Jacket from her private collection made out of cigar ribbons.

Ref. poem: The Smoking Jacket
Signature or Album Quilt of Crazy Patches.
[click on images to enlarge]

Size 74.5'' x74.5''. Condition very good; some fraying of the silk. Corded edge. From the McDonald Estate.

Ref. poem: The Album Quilt
This is how Eleni feels about Seattle
A.I. Friedman Art Supplies. Designed 9-color T-shirt. Designed and installed window display.
Giorgio's hair salons

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