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Convert degrees, centimetres, inches, meters, feet, ounces, miles, kilos, pounds

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OnlineConversion Convert just about anything to anything else.
Over 5,000 units, and 30,000 conversions.
Download Converter utility - conversion program for off-line conversion - only 100 KB!!
Online conversions and constants (acceleration, acidity, activation energy, angle, angular acceleration, angular momentum, angular velocity, area, area per unit volume, atomic number, atomic weight, boiling point at 1 atm, Boltzmann constant, capacitance, charge per mole, critical point temperature, currency, data rate, data storage, density, dimensionless, distance, dynamic fluidity (1/viscosity), dynamic viscosity, electrical conductance, electrical conductivity, electrical permittivity, electrical resistance, electrical resistivity, electric charge, electric current, electric dipole moment, electric field strength, energy, energy flux, energy per unit area, force, force (body), force per unit mass, frequency, frequency/voltage ratio, fuel efficiency, gravitational constant, heat of combustion, heat of fusion, heat of vaporisation, heat transfer coefficient, Henry's law constant, illuminance, inductance, intensity of ionising radiation, kinematic viscosity, kinetic energy of turbulence, linear momentum, luminance, luminous flux, luminous intensity, magnetic field strength, magnetic flux, magnetic flux density, magnetic moment, magnetic permeability, magnetomotive force, mass, mass flowrate, mass flux, mass per unit area, mass per unit length, mass transfer coefficient, melting point, molar concentration, molar flowrate, molar heat capacity, molecular weight, moment of inertia, momentum flowrate, momentum flux, number of molecules, permeability, photon emission rate, Planck constant, population, power, power per unit mass, power per unit volume, pressure, radiation constant C1, radiation constant C2, radioactive dose, radioactive dose equivalent, radioactivity, second moment of area, solid angle, specific enthalpy, specific heat capacity, specific length, specific surface, specific volume, Stefan-Boltzmann constant, surface tension, temperature, temperature difference, thermal conductivity, time, torque, triple point temperature, turbulence energy dissipation rate, velocity, voltage, volume, volume per unit area, volumetric calorific value, volumetric coefficient of expansion, volumetric flowrate, volumetric mass flowrate, wave number, convert degrees celsius to degrees fahrenheit, convert degrees fahrenheit to degrees celsius, convert feet to metres, convert feet to meters, convert metres
to feet, convert centimetres to inches, convert inches to centimetres, convert kilometres to miles, convert miles to kilometres, convert miles to kilometres, convert kilos to pounds, convert pounds to kilos.)

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