How to Import a Trados Memory into Deja Vu

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To import a Trados Memory (TWB) into Déjà Vu, you should first export it from Trados as TMX or TXT. You cannot do anything with Trados memories while they are in their original format (*.tmw, *.mwf, *.mtf, *.mdf, and *.iix)

   1. In Trados, export Trados memory as TMX (or TXT).
   2. Open Déjà Vu's Database Maintenance module.
   3. Open your memory.
          — If exported as TMX: Go to File>Import, select TMX and be sure language codes are in the form XX-XX (and not XX_XX). If necessary, type language codes inside the appropriate fields. Those fields will accept typing.
          — If exported as TXT: Go to File>Import and select "Trados WB database."
   4. Select file to be imported.
   5. Click Import.
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