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technologies of scale -> τεχνολογίες κλίμακας

The technology industry is always talking about scalability. It’s a key buzzword. “Our platform is eminently scalable and capable of adaptive accessibility across multiple change vectors,” claims just about every IT spokesperson, ever. But what does any of that really mean and why is scalability such a attractive and necessary term in the eyes of IT marketing folk?

Firstly, we can probably assume that scalability in the IT platform and application sense refers to scaling upwards, to make a piece of technology bigger and more expansive. While it’s true that the ‘flexibility-factor’ in cloud computing stems from the cloud model’s ability to allow organizations to both increase and reduce (downwards) their amount of technology consumption based upon cyclically changing needs, generally when we talk scale, we mean the drive to get bigger.
...scalability could be expressed as a measure of how well a piece of software handles change in expected workload behavior situations (e.g. more traffic on Monday morning when all employees log on to their systems) or unexpected scenarios (e.g. a viral news story brings people to visit a particular website), how well it shapes up in terms of resiliency (measured in service availability) and how well a piece of software works in terms of sustaining end user experience (measured in page load times and responsiveness).

What Is Technology Scalability?

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