Translatum Multilingual Dictionary

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Translatum Multilingual Dictionary

Translatum’s Multilingual Dictionary (or simply “Dictionary”) is a multilingual dictionary based on Wikimedia data. It does offer a number of standard (and non-standard) mediawiki features, as well as some unique features which are the result of this custom implementation of mediawiki as well as custom extension development.

Beta phase
To start with, the Dictionary is on beta phase. Registration is not allowed. Visitors are restricted to viewing and searching.

Dictionary Search
The Dictionary Search uses the autocomplete feature and is case-insensitive and diacritics-insensitive. What does that mean?

When you type on the search box, results start appearing automatically below it (autocomplete). The results do not take into account the case (i.e. whether you type in capitals or lowercase) or the diacritics (whether the letters are accented or not, have breathings or various other marks). So, when entering the letters αν you may see in the autocomplete words like ἀνήρ, Ἀναστάσιος, Ἀντιόχεια, Άννα, Ανδόρα.

Unique features

Social media
On the top left of the page there are social media links (facebook, twitter, Google+1).

On the top of each entry there is a random quote.

Expanded translations
Translations are expanded by default. I.e. compare:

Translatum RSS
On the bottom of the entry you can see a translatum forum RSS ticker.

Elsewhere on the Web
Just below the entry, there is a custom extension which provides results for the term in other internet sources. The header of this table specifies the language pair. Clicking on it will display a new window with search results from all dictionaries listed in the column appearing in one page. Clicking on one of its items, will display search results from that particular source only. When running a search on the wiki, and there are no wiki search results for that term, the Elsewhere on the Web will also appear to help you find information in other sources.

Note: A similar functionality is provided by Translatum's Magic Search (click on Translatum tools tab on the left). In this implementation, you enter a word in the search form, select the language pair from the drop down, and one-page results appear.

Elsewhere on the Web table as seen below article

Elsewhere on the Web table as seen below search results

Elsewhere on the Web search results (click image for higher resolution)
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