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log → αρχείο καταγραφής (εσφ. ημερολόγιο)

The trunk of a dead tree, cleared of branches.
They walked across the stream on a fallen log.
Any bulky piece as cut from the above, used as timber, fuel etc.
A unit of length equivalent to 16 feet, used for measuring timber, especially the trunk of a tree.
Anything shaped like a log; a cylinder.
(nautical) A floating device, usually of wood, used in navigation to estimate the speed of a vessel through water.
(figuratively) A blockhead; a very stupid person.
(surfing slang) A heavy longboard.
(figuratively) A rolled cake with filling.
(mining) A weight or block near the free end of a hoisting rope to prevent it from being drawn through the sheave.
(vulgar) A piece of feces.
(vulgar) A penis.

A logbook, or journal of a vessel's (or aircraft's) progress.
A chronological record of actions, performances, computer/network usage, etc.
(computer science) Specifically, an append-only sequence of records written to file.

(transitive) To make, to add an entry (or more) in a log or logbook.
to log the miles travelled by a ship
(transitive) To travel (a distance) as shown in a logbook.
(transitive) To travel at a specified speed, as ascertained by a chip log.
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