syndicated loan → κοινοπρακτικό δάνειο


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syndicated loan → κοινοπρακτικό δάνειο

Η έννοια και οι διακρίσεις των κοινοπρακτικών δανείων (‘Syndicated Loans’) .... του οφειλέτη που τέθησαν στη διάθεση της δυνάμει των προκαταρκτικών όρων της ...

A syndicated loan (or "syndicated bank facility") is a large loan in which a group of banks provide funds for a borrower, usually several but without joint liability. There is usually a lead bank or group of banks (the "Arranger/s" or "Agent/s") that takes a percentage of the loan and syndicates or sells the rest to other banks. In contrast, a bilateral loan, only involves one borrower and one lender (often a bank or financial institution.) A syndicated loan is a much larger and more complicated version of a participation loan. There are typically more than two banks involved in a syndication.


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